Please visit my dedicated site, Painting With Water.com for an expanded presentation of this fine art abstract photography project. I am leaving the original page here only for posterity, check out the fine art picture galleries and special series of abstract photos for many more pictures than are presented here, and a better organization.



The images you are about to see are actual photographs. They have not been transformed, filtered or distorted in anyway whatsoever. Their subjects are urban landscapes or manmade objects whose straight lines and simple shapes have been reflected off of natural bodies of water. The water surface, shaped by the processes of wind and wave action, has created these miraculous transformations of simple to sublime.

Through the time-freezing magic of photography and the technology of a telephoto lens, what you will behold on each page is a single instant captured from an infinite sequence of instants, each one a fantastic work of abstract art painted by the unconstrained exuberance of natural forces.

This, is Painting with Water


Thank you for viewing my work!

Coby Beck.